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Broecheler Inn - Cayuga
Website: http://www.broechelerinn.com



Argyle Street Grill
345 Argyle South
Caledonia ON
Ph: 905-765-9622

Cornerstone Tap & Grill
38 Argyle St N.
Caledonia ON
Ph: 905-765-9500

Grand Chow Mein House and Tavern
22 Argyle Street. N
Caledonia ON
Ph: 905-745-4464


Back 40 Bar and Grill
7 Cayuga St North
Cayuga ON
Ph: 905-772-7275

Cayuga Restaurant
19 Talbot East
Cayuga ON
Ph: 905-772-0910

Flower Shop

Shaver's Flowers
111 Fiddlers Green Road
Ancaster ON
L9G 1W4
Ph: 905-648-4414